Downloadable things and something are here. 絵以外の配布物や読み物などなど。

Grimoire paper book cover "MAGIALOGICS" for paperback(pocket edition)

I had try to make book cover like a grimoire and print it, it became pretty good unbelievably ヽ(*^‿^)ノ
For when there are someone who want this, I let it be able to download here!

Usage: Download data and print out it on A4 plain paper, and fold to your book.
- Do not reproduce in any websites.
- Color adjustments are allowed but changing text data(erase/replace with other words) is not allowed.
- Using it for selling is not allowed.

This data made for A4 plain paper and book of pocket edition. You can use it bigger size but if did it, image quality becomes rough.
I don't have any responsibility of trouble that you got by use this cover!!!



AzPainter Linux basic brushes DAT

Download DAT

Basic brush set made with "Normally Circular" and "Ellipse" image. It doesn't depend Texture/Brush image so you can use these brushes by downloading just this data.

Usage: Download and overwrite your brush-2.dat in AzPainter directory (basically: /home/YOURNAME/.azpainter/ ).
下リンクからデータをダウンロードし、既存のAzPainterディレクトリ以下(通常は /home/名前/.azpainter/ )にあるbrush-2.datに上書きします。

Using this DAT file will overwrite to your old brushes! This data is for real beginner of AzPainter Linux. If you don't want delete old brushes, save old data as backup on other name or directory.
To restore old brushes, copy and overwrite old data onto this data.


AzPainter Linux 2.x Painting Tutorial

I wrote a tutorial for AzPainter Linux!
AzPainter has Japanese manuals but does not have it in English. My English is inexperienced but use many screenshot to explain usage to make easier!
I will be glad if this tutorial be helpful for someone who begin to drawing picture with Ubuntu and Debian and other Linux OS🌀🐧😌🐧🌀

AzPainter Linux 2.x painting tutorial -
AzPainter - AzSky2