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My Accounts

DeviantArt - Arts & Photography
ArtStation - Fractal art only
Pixiv - Fanfic doodle collections
Instagram - Abstract doodles
Steam - Game fanarts & Stats
Twitter(View with Nitter) - Featured post from this site & blog

Youtube - Tutorial video & Live painting
Twitch - DaggerGame streaming

Github - Linux settings & some contributions

Disconscious v2 - Blogger
Disconscious[suspending] - Tumblr



Star Server - Server service
Star Domain - Domain service
Ubuntu-mate.org - Awesome operating system (used until 2017?)
Debian.org - Awesome operating system (used until 2020)
Archlinux.org - Awesome operating system and Wiki (using since 2021)
Vim - Editor
創作サーチ - Search engine for creators
よろずりんく - Search engine for creators

Page building

HTML Quick Reference
HTML Tag Board
General Assembly - HTML5 & Tumblr theme references
Puzzlenet Sophia - Javascript references
Qiita - Troubleshooting to webdesign and linux hacking
Colordic.org - Web color dictionary

Tools and Art study

AzSky2 - Lightweight software for painting on Linux
Chaoticafractals.com - Cross platform fractal-art generator
Posemaniacs.com - 30 second drawing & 3DCG models
pose-trainer.com - 30 second drawing & 3DCG models
Human Anatomy for Artist - Photo reference(*this site displays nude contents*)

English study

TED - 自然な翻訳文とスピーチに加えて色んな雑学が学べてオススメ。
DUST: An Elysian Tail - LANG環境変数のせいか日本語実装があるにも関わらず英語でプレイすることになったゲーム。

And thank you for peoples who had talked and commented to me in English.

Just I like

Shindanmaker - kuso shindan
校長先生の話エンドレス (School principal's endless morning speech)
ハッカーになろう[ja] How to become a hacker[en]

Favorite Musicians

9mm Parabellum Bullet - Japanese Rock music
Sta @ Bit192 - Electronica, Tomatonic music
Arai Tasuku - Dark music
Eugnosis - Synthwave, Chamber music, Rounge
Nathan Speir - Solo Piano, Electronica
Savant - Chiptune, DnB, EDM
PronomicalArtist - Chiptune
Tim Neumark - Solo Piano

Creator's Websites

8th Street-八番通り FLYING BOAT ゼロブンノゼロ 鉄子の部屋 YUUMEI Shilin.net Toni Infante Rom Flyair ダーナの花 よるつる瓶 地を游ぐさかな Goodbye Tears rainy season Kalaguru